About Us

Freds Pass Positive Dog Training Club Inc was founded in the 1980s and is affiliated with the North Australian Canine Association Inc (Dogs NT), which is the Local Controlling Body member of Dogs Australia (formerly Australian National Kennel Council).

Our club is focused on promoting responsible dog ownership through education and training. The instruction you will receive here will help you train your dog using all positive methods to be a great companion and an enjoyable addition to your household.

Training at Freds Pass Positive Dog Training Club involves enthusiastic instructors employing positive training techniques. We believe that a positive, supportive and encouraging environment helps you and your dog to live and learn in harmony. Our rewards-based training has no harsh methods or punishment, as all dogs are trained using toys, treats, and praise only.

We conduct Manners Training and Agility Foundations on Tuesday nights on set dates throughout the year – check our Enrolment page for details.  Pre-trialler and Trialler level agility training is held on Thursday nights from March through to October.

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