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Welcome to
Fred's Pass
Positive Dog


We promote responsible dog ownership and posistive reward based training methods but overall we want you to have a fun and motivational relationship with your dog!

We conduct pet dog manners classes and hold dog obedience and agility classes from beginners to trialling level.

Registration for classes is mandatory as places are limited.

Please click on the Enrolment button to reserve your place and complete the on-line membership application form.

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Agility intake
5 March 2020

Ribbon Agility Trial
2 April 2020

Agility intake
2 April 2020

Obedience intake
7 April 2020

Agility/Jumping trial
17 & 18 April 2020

Agility/Jumping trial
1 & 2 May 2020

Fred's Pass Positive Dog Training Club Inc
PO Box 167
Palmerston NT 0831
ABN 69 756 993 384

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