Newest dog sport ... know what it is?

Rally-O ... short for Rally Obedience ...  has been described by some as combining sports car racing, dog agility, and traditional obedience into a new fun sport.

To others, it's a new sport in which you dispense with much of the formality of traditional obedience - and have fun with your dog when it is in the ring - you can even talk to and praise your dog - and entry level is on lead!

Rally-O involves a dog and handler working together to navigate their way around a signposted course, performing a series of exercises as judges keep an eye out for penalties including excessive barking, pulling the leash tight, slow responses, or having to repeat an exercise. Each "exercise" is signposted with the dog to demonstrate the desired activity - sit, stand, stay.

Some of the exercises are quite different to standard obedience - for example:
You may be required to do a "360 degree right turn" as Loki is doing here:
It may be difficult to see the footwork that the dog is required to perform in order to complete this exercise - especially such a large dog. The following, in slow motion, may help to see the foot and body movement.
And you may be required to do a "90 degree left pivot" as Loki is doing here:
and now the 'slow motion' version so you can see the action required of such a big dog to get into position.

Want to know more?

Please contact the club for further details.
Rally-O rules are available from the ANKC website (