Welcome to Fred's Pass Positive Dog Training Club!


Final training and the Christmas break up for 2016 will be Tuesday 22nd November at 7pm. Fancy dress will be first at 7pm.

Triallers presentation night will be 24th November at 7pm.  Title Sash applications are available in 'word version' or 'PDF version'.

We promote responsible dog ownership and positive reward based training methods but overall we want you to have a fun and motivational relationship with your dog!
Registration for classes is mandatory as places are limited.  Please email us via our contacts page or call 0417 773 095 to reserve your place and complete the on-line membership application form.

.....it's pawsitively positive!!

We conduct pet dog manners classes and hold dog obedience and agility courses from beginners to trialling level.

You are welcome to visit us on training nights and meet our instructors; enquire about upcoming classes; enrol in a class; have a quick chat about options to help you with any dog issues you may have; discuss current dog legislation; get advice on any aspect of dog ownership; or watch a training class in action.

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